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Postal services are set of postal activities including acceptance, dispatch, transportation, receipt and delivery of postal items, as well as other services determined by the Nomenclature of postal services.

Postal items are lettermail items and money orders in paper and electronic form and parcels bearing address identification or items identified on other way in order to determine the recepient.

Postal services are comprised of universal postal services, financial postal services and other postal services.

Universal postal services are services that must be organized under the same conditions for all users of postal services and on the whole teritorry covered by Poste Srpske, and they include:

a) lettermail items up to 2 kg
b) parcels up to 31.5 kg
c) postal and telegraphic money orders in paper and electronic format and cash payments to home addresses
d) direct mail
e) special services offered under lettermail and parcel services and money orders
f) open postal items intended to blind persons (cekogrammes) up to 7 kg

Reserved postal services are part of universal postal services that may be provided solely by the public postal operators (in Republic Srpka only Poste Srpske, jsc Banjaluka), and they include:

  • lettermail items up to 1000 grammes
  • printed papers, newspapers and periodicals
  • parcels up to 10 kg
  • postal and telegraphic money orders in paper and electronic form and cash payment to home addresses
  • direct mail – addressed
  • courier services if the postage is not ten times higher than the postage for ordinary letter
    registered and insured items no matter to weight and
  • court letters no matter to weight
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